Luther Village is on PAR! This means we have set up a program where you can donate money on a regular monthly basis to Luther Village! Many people use the PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) program for their church offering, often finding it a convenient way to take care of their regular commitments to the church month by month. Luther Village felt the same principle would benefit the camp. Being seasonal, some months of the year we have no income but still have expenses. The PAR program and its’ monthly income can help get us through the off season. You can participate in this program that will help Luther Village! If you want to contribute to Luther Village monthly throughout the year then you understand the PAR principle. It is similar to having automatic debits going from your bank account to pay for insurance, cable TV, taxes, fuel, or mortgage. 
Once you begin to donate, you could be saying this: “Whether or not I am at camp, it still has on-going commitments every week that need my donations. Luther Village is important to me, and so is my financial commitment to its work. That is why I use the PAR program to fulfill my commitment.” Your account will be debited on or about the 20th of the month and Luther Village’s account credited with the amount payable from everyone who participates. If you choose to change your mind, this can be cancelled by you the donor at any time. The United Church of Canada administers this program that some Lutheran churches are already on PAR with.    

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:                                                       
1. Decide the amount of your monthly donation.                                                    
2. Fill in the Authorization Card and attach a sample cheque fromyour account marked “Sample” or “Void”.   
3. Send to the camp office. 

ADVANTAGES TO YOU:                                          
1. Regular support of Luther Village in the amount that you choose.
2. Continual support of camp during our off season when we have minimal income.                     
3. No need to “catch up” and give a large amount at one time (unless you want to!)                

ADVANTAGES TO LUTHER VILLAGE:                                                   
1. Regular, dependable flow of donations                      
2. Reduction of paperwork and bookkeeping.                                                   
3. Improved financial position.
We hope you’ll consider this new opportunity in making regular monthly donations in helping LV and its’ ministry.  Below is an Authorization Card you can fill out and send in with your voided cheque. 

PAR AUTHORIZATION CARD                                     
I hereby request and authorize:
To cause a debit to be drawn on my account each month in the amount of:   
$__________________ as a contribution by me to Luther Village Camp.
Contributor’s Name ________________________________________
Phone #: ______________________
Financial Institution Name & Address _______________________________________________
Account #: _______________________________________  
Type of Account: ______________________    

Signature of Contributor                                                                    Date

This Authorization may be changed or cancelled by the donor at any time. 
The use, retention and disclosure of personal information collected from this form is done in compliance with privacy legislation including, but notlimited to, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (2000, c.5).

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