Financial Support

Sunshine Fund (Manitoba Camping Association)
The Sunshine Fund enables Manitoba children who do not have the financial means through parents, guardians or agencies, an opportunity to attend an accredited Manitoba summer camp. 

To date the Sunshine Fund has raised over $4.5 million dollars has provided nearly 20,000 summer camp experiences.

If you would like to apply for assistance from the Sunshine Fund for sending your child to camp, please use the link to download an application and follow the instructions.

Upon approval, the Sunshine Fund will provide financial subsidy for a single camp session per child, to a maximum value of $700 per child ($1,050 if attending a camp session that is 15 days or more).

Camperships – available through the Ray Kaisler Memorial Fund
Luther Village Campership Criteria

To be dealt with on individual basis

  • Camp registration form to be sent in along with letter/application for financial assistance

  • Person to explain why they feel they need financial assistance. Two references, not family to be included.

  • LV will contact home congregation first (if there is one) otherwise will contact a reference to verify need, i.e. financial situation, family situation, special needs, how many kids, illness, etc.

  • Check if there is some help locally (home congregation)

  • Parents need to make some monetary commitment – post dated cheques if needed – at the discretion of Executive Director ($50)

  • Once assistance is approved, the camp application will be sent out

  • Cancellations or no-shows – family must contact LV immediately if child cannot attend camp he/she has been funded. If child does not show up and camp office has not been contacted, parent contribution will not be refunded (unless medical emergency – doctors note required)


  • Person can apply through an agency (eg. CFS)

  • No age limit

  • More than one person per family can apply

  • This fund is for families as well as youth campers

  • Food, program cost, accommodation will be considered up to ½ of cost maximum. Does not include transportation.

  • Maximum of $1000.00 to be dispersed each year