“As a mother it is wonderful to hear about {my daughter on staff}. I too love her humour, her energy and her love for God…It brings an overwhelming joy to my heart when I think of how God has blessed her at Luther Village and how she ministers to others at camp.” 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the other staff who contributed the time to make my {son’s school week} at camp such a wonderful experience for {him}. He had and continues to have only positive things to say about his experience. He’ll have priceless memories of the boys who he shared a cabin with, the group he explored the Canadian Shield with, the prayer at meal time and the adults who taught him a little more about the world around him. Thanks you!”

"Staff were excellent. Nothing can be improved because perfection cannot be improved." 

"I thought the staff did a great job. It was so nice to be served by people with big smiles! Everyone was polite and very friendly." 

"Great role models for young children." 

"I enjoyed the freedom to relax, swim, and fish... kids enjoyed the sing songs..." 

"I came to Luther Village to have an opportunity to spend peaceful quiet time alone to read and reflect by a lake and yet at the same time to be able to experience the fellowship of meals together, and to worship and sing in a community." 

"We believe you are a blessing to us and so many weary people. God bless you." 

"We will continue to pray for the ministry that LV provides for all God's children - young and not so young." 

"I was really happy with my first experience of family camp. As someone who didn't come as part of a family I was a little concerned about not fitting in, but it was great. I felt really welcome and very much part of the week."

"We appreciate the staff's hospitality and eagerness to serve!!! Thanks for a great"